Empowering Women,
Youth, & Families

Our Programs


CHIC Education

CHIC education programs provide mind-body-spirit mentorship for young women (and sometimes young men).

at Work

CHIC Workforce

CHIC workforce development programs provide career planning, readiness, and placement supports for women who face high barriers to employment.

to Thrive

CHIC ReEntry (R3)

CHIC reentry programs provide mentorship and intensive case management for women and young ladies exiting the prison and juvenile justice systems.

at Work

CHIC Community Development

CHIC community events serve three purposes. They bring families and service providers together to increase access to community resources.

Reclaiming What Is Ours

CHIC is created by women, for women. We are a grassroots organization, and a frontline team. At times, we are first responders. Our mission brings us into schools, into families, into community and in these spaces we see violence daily. We see the kinds of violence made visible by the news, and we see more insidious forms of violence that no media outlet would think to cover: isolation, depression, cumulative family loss.

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

-W.E.B Dubois

Urban Spectrum Magazine

CHIC named in article of Urban Spectrum. Go to pages 14 – 15 for more information.

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CHIC Denver

CHIC offers a variety of services in intervention and prevention that address economic deprivation, mental health, youth violence and the overall stability of the family.

Address: 10660 E Colfax Ave, Suite A | Aurora, CO 80010
Email: info@chicdenver.org
Phone: 303-993-8511