Our Mission

Build women’s economic, social, and cultural capital because powerful women build healthy families and thriving communities.

Meet Our Team

sade cooper

Sade Cooper | sade@chicdenver.org

Chief Executive Officer

​”Our duties naturally emerge from such fundamental relations as our families, neighborhood, workplaces, our state or nation. Make it your regular habit to consider your roles-parent, child, neighbor, citizen, leader -and the natural duties that arise from them. Once you know who you are and to whom you are linked, you will know what to do.” (Epictetus)

I credit this core philosophy when leading and serving others. My roles, past experiences, relationships with others and connection to my community, are the leading factors to my innate responsibility to do the work I do.

​”To start something is to change everything” – Sadé Cooper

hilari smith

Hilari Smith | hilari@chicdenver.org

Chief Operations Officer

​Being taught the importance of family and community relations at a young age, I know the positive affects of being surrounded with love and support in your life, and the difference it can make without it. I believe we often forget we have all been blessed with a superpower, which is the ability to Love. My personal commitment to invest back into my community and the women and girls who mirror who I am stems from my inherited responsibility to love.

​”It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” – Audre Lorde

katherine casey

Katherine Casey, ED.L.D. | katherine@chicdenver.org

Lead Strategist

​All young people are intelligent, creative, and filled with potential. After fifteen years in public education, I believe deeply in the power of our youth and the urgency of the work we must do to make our communities safe, equitable, and sustainable. With faith in children and refusing to accept inequality as a given, I commit to supporting allied efforts that enable educational, social, and economic justice. I believe that WE are the ones we have been waiting for: the change we need will come from the collective passion, wisdom, and capacity that exists within our communities.

​”Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” – Fannie Lou Hamer

Changing lives one woman at a time.

Collaborative Healing Initiative within Communities (CHIC) helps families break intergenerational cycles of poverty and violence. We strengthen families and communities by strengthening women and girls. We fill a critical gap in the landscape of institutions and service providers by offering culturally-relevant, whole-family, female-focused supports that directly intervene in the systems that most frequently fail communities: education, workforce, and criminal justice.

How We Work – CHIC Values and Working Commitments

Invest in women – We believe that investing in the health, wealth, and wellbeing of women strengthens families and communities.

Support families – We believe in wrapping supports around the families of the women we serve.

Mentor mind, body, and spirit – We believe in healthy living, health relationships, and healthy decision-making.

Develop positive identity – We believe in personal and collective pride, efficacy, and power.

Cultivate capital – We believe that connections between families, institutions, and service providers strengthens the social fabric in our communities.

Innovate – We believe that we must adapt to fill unmet needs, find unrealized opportunities, and better serve our changing community.

CHIC Denver

CHIC offers a variety of services in intervention and prevention that address economic deprivation, mental health, youth violence and the overall stability of the family.

Address: 10115 E. Colfax Ave. | Aurora, CO | 80010
Email: info@chicdenver.org
Phone: 303-366-9312