Education Program

Programming & Curriculum

Students in CHIC programming experience culturally-relevant social, emotional and cultural enrichment. CHIC’s curriculum is designed to develop the following knowledge and skills.

Programming & Experiences

Students in CHIC schools experience additional enrichment from community partners in order to provide vital exposure in health and wellness, financial literacy and career pathways.

CHIC integrates experiences like yoga, art therapy, dance, music and group sessions to increase students’ awareness of healing practices, and to complement CHIC’s curriculum.
CHIC provides opportunities for young women to explore multiple career paths and learn from Black women professionals.

CHIC partners with financial institutions to support early financial literacy.


“I would say it’s a safe space for you to be yourself. You can express yourself, you can build relationships, it develops you in a better way and makes you understand things from other perspectives.”

“It’s a woman’s empowerment class that you can go to and it’ll help you with your mindsets and it’ll teach you about feelings.”


“CHIC is, I feel like it’s kind of like black girl, like excellence. They teach us a lot of stuff about just like your physical life, your daily life, your mental health and yes, just stuff like around that. They taught me to learn how to embrace, my, like as a black girl.”

“We do a lot of creative thinking, mind stuff and we learn about things really. I think we did something for the Black History Month or something like that. I think so. But uh, yeah, it is just fun and I enjoy being there.”


“I would tell them that it’s a place that you could express your feelings and how you think you could and how you could share things and they can help you during your hard moments and have fun in there. And it’s just a really amazing environment to be a part of.”

“I guess I would tell them it’s a woman’s encouraging program that helps prepare you for the world.”


“I would say something really fun and how people can help you.”

“Just kind of people who come into schools to help you meditate and get ready for the real world.”


“CHIC is a good place to go because it helps you understand things in your life. And they help you about your emotions and stuff.”

“I would say that is a program which teaches kids how to make their decisions.”


“I would tell them that’s a class for people to speak up their mind and open up and to be heard, because I know sometimes people find it hard to say what’s on their mind and just open up. And that class it’s like the opposite. It helps you improve in school or as a person in general.”

“CHIC to me is like a girl supporting group. It has good opportunities. They help you find opportunities and just being around them is, like makes you feel better.”

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

CHIC Denver

CHIC offers a variety of services in intervention and prevention that address economic deprivation, mental health, youth violence and the overall stability of the family.

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